EDU623: The Design and Development Stage

This is the third blog post of a four part series for edu623 Designing Learning Environments.  Today’s blog post focuses on some of the key components of the design and development phase.

Design Plan Objectives

The purpose of my learning experience is to allow for effective and meaningful training for teachers to learn how Microsoft OneDrive can enhance learning for students.  Upon completion of this training, teachers at Region 18 will be able to:

  1. Understand and Evaluate components of Microsoft OneDrive via a learning management system. (Enabling Objective)
  2. Engage in and Analyze OneDrive technology through training with emphasis on: file storage, document sharing and document collaboration. (Enabling Objective)
  3. Apply learned outcomes from OneDrive training by creating a product can be used directly with students. (Terminal Objective)

Other Considerations:

Audience: All/any teachers at Region 18 District

Behavior: Incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy, behavior states Teachers ‘will be able to’.

Conditions: This learning experience will be asynchronous via a learning management system and all teachers are provided with laptops and wireless capabilities.

Degree: Measurement will be from created/completed project or assignment.

My Objectives all fall under the Cognitive Domain.


(picture taken with permission from


Development Stage

The best way to discuss the development stage through the lens of my training project is to share the lesson plans with you for critique.  The delivery system will be via a learning management system which my district is in the process of investigating.  The actual specific resources (articles, videos, etc.) referenced below will be built out in the next portion of this project. 

The only road blocks I foresee are if the administration does not hold teachers accountable to participate in and complete training modules like this one.  Even if the training occurs over a longer period of time than 5 weeks-say one semester for example-there still must be follow through to insure teachers have the opportunity to engage in and complete specific training with Microsoft OneDrive, a district wide product.

For Detailed Lesson Plans, please click here.


(picture taken with permission from


Piloting this training experience is also slated to occur once the module is complete and embedded within our learning management system.  This will provide for review and necessary time to make any changes to best meet the needs of the learners.  The final step will be to build in ample resources into the lesson plans for delivery through the learning management system.



Hodell, C. (2011). ISD from the ground up: A no nonsense approach to instructional design. (Third ed.). Alexandria, Virginia: ASTD Press.

The Teaching Channel. (2013). Transforming professional development for 21st century educators. The Journal, Retrieved from


Additional Resources to consider

  1. What makes a good lesson plan? Visit:
  1. Tips for writing strong objectives:

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