Both formative and summative assessment will occur for this project.  Formative assessment occurs during the process of the activity or lesson and allows for feedback to the participant (Resier & Dempsey, 2012).  Although the learning experience will be delivered through a web-based LMS, there will ample opportunity for the participant to communicate with the designer of the module in the form of threaded questions as well as feedback from assignment/project submissions.  Each participant will receive individual guidance and assistance to help ensure skills are acquired.  There are no ‘grades’ for completing the assignments or modules, however the designer must ‘approve’ final submissions to satisfy district professional development requirements.

The summative assessment is comprised of the components in Part III of the lesson Plans and Activities.  Participants will demonstrate their knowledge by creating a final product to post and share through the LMS portal.  Assignments and projects within the SMART Board module will be selected and revised for submission.  The project designer will work closely with each learner to facilitate growth during this creative stage.  The following rubric will be used a guideline to help evaluate any SMART Board assignments and projects that are created:



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