EDU624 Reflection

The final project for edu624 was a clear attempt to demonstrate my ability to create a learning module for teachers in my school district.  Recognizing the fact that there are several new teacher initiatives to contend with, I realized creating time for training would be a tremendous challenge as there are several schools, all with different schedules and planning periods.  However, if I could create a flexible learning experience that could be completed at one’s own pace and was accessible anytime and from anywhere, then I could still deliver valuable content and a meaningful opportunity. 

As I began to investigate various LMS’s I felt empowered to offer a new solution to our district although I learned how challenging it can be to select the most appropriate resources to help deliver content.  As I reflect, I would spend more time going through the resources I selected with a focus on the ordering and pace at which the teachers would move through the module.  With many tentative participants, it ‘s easy to lose their interest and confidence if the structure of the course is over stimulating or worse interpreted as ‘additional work’ rather than a learning experience that could help enhance their teaching and ultimately improve student learning.  The existing content selected, however, does support learning that takes place in the classroom and allows for real life problems and situations to be solved using SMART Board technology and Notebook software. 

I think the language, graphics and content are all appropriate and sensitive to any type of learning and it could be translated into any language for use.  In the future I would also look to enhance the experience by building in a more extensive opportunity for teachers to learn how to post and respond to threads as well as an introduction to blogging.  My experience with using WordPress has been a valuable one, despite the number of small issues that occurred along the way which required me to research and ‘figure out’.  This is an acceptable part of the process indeed but could also be a deterrent for someone less tech savvy. 

Finally, my greatest hope was to create an opportunity for participants to actually create content rather than just learning passively.  The assignments and projects were carefully developed to allow for flexibility and relativity to one’s content area.  I would, however, reevaluate how teacher-created content is assessed.  I might consider another rubric or at least edit the existing one as well as asking more proficient users to assist in the evaluation process.  Further, I would seek to build out a portion on our 365 portal to share teacher-created content for future reference.  Overall, this project helped me plan, organize and deliver a learning module using various technologies and resources.  Although I am happy with the final product, I would still consider making some minor adjustments to further improve the learning experience for all participants.


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