EDU699 Capstone Project

Instructional Connections:  Linking Technology to Curriculum


As new technologies continue to evolve and saturate educational institutions, teachers continue to struggle with integrating technology into instruction (Schrum & Levin, 2013).  An analysis of literature was conducted to evaluate the implementation of technology in the classroom as it pertains to professional development (PD), teacher self-efficacy and the role of administrators.  Following this analysis will be a proposal to connect technology to content-specific units of study and curriculum at Region 18 school district in Old Lyme, Connecticut.  This suggested resource and final product will serve as the deliverable for the culminating capstone project in Post University’s Master of Education program with a concentration in Instructional Design and Technology.  Keywords: PD, Instructional Technology, Integration, Leadership, Administration, Self-efficacy.

To view the full project and paper, click here.

Click here to visit the created website that connects technology to curriculum for social studies grades 6-8.


Schrum, L., & Levin, B. B. (2013). Lessons learned from exemplary schools. Techtrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, 57(1), 38-42


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