EDU623 Final Project

Leveraging Microsoft OneDrive: A Training Module for Teachers

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Lyme-Old Lyme (LOL) Public Schools in Connecticut has a long tradition of providing education that prepares students for college and professional career-based endeavors.  With a district of over 1,440 students serving a primarily Caucasian populous and a low student-to-teacher ratio, LOL “focuses on enabling children of all ages to reach full potential as scholars, artists and athletes of character” (“Lol at a”, n.d.).  With over 95% of graduates pursuing higher education, LOL seeks to continue this trend as well as meet new standards and requirements outlined in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) (“Lol at a”, n.d.).

Educators today confront many new obstacles.  With the introduction of a new teacher evaluation process and the arrival of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), teachers are facing new challenges under tremendous pressure (The Teaching Channel, 2013).  In addition, districts like LOL are encouraging teachers to incorporate technology into their everyday lesson plans and units of study as a tool to deliver these new standards. The issue, however, is that many educators at LOL lack the resources, ability or confidence to effectively leverage technology to utilize in the classroom. The main objective of this paper is to plan and allow for effective and meaningful training for teachers to learn how Microsoft OneDrive can enhance learning for students.  In effort to provide the most appropriate and informative instruction for the teachers, a needs analysis will occur at all grade and department levels.  In lieu of a formal survey to gather information, dialogue with teachers and administrators will determine the starting point for this project and will include an overview of OneDrive’s capabilities and how that could impact teaching and learning.  Further, these meetings will also allow the individual creating and delivering this training module, the Instructional Technology Specialist, to learn how OneDrive is currently being used throughout the district.

Learning Objectives

The purpose of my learning experience is to allow for effective and meaningful training for teachers to learn how Microsoft OneDrive can enhance learning for students.  Upon completion of this training, teachers at Region 18 will be able to:

  1. Understand and Evaluate components of Microsoft OneDrive via a learning management system. (Enabling Objective)
  2. Engage in and Analyze OneDrive technology through training with emphasis on: file storage, document sharing and document collaboration. (Enabling Objective)
  3. Apply learned outcomes from OneDrive training by creating a product can be used directly with students. (Terminal Objective)

Audience: All/any teachers at Region 18 District

Behavior: Incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy, behavior states Teachers ‘will be able to’.

Conditions: This learning experience will be asynchronous via a learning management system and all teachers are provided with laptops and wireless capabilities.

Degree: Measurement will be from created/completed project or assignment.

My Objectives all fall under the Cognitive Domain.

Lesson Plans and Schedule

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Project StoryBoard


Both formative and summative assessment will occur for this project.  Formative assessment occurs during the process of the activity or lesson and allows for feedback to the participant (Resier & Dempsey, 2012).  Although the learning experience will be delivered through a web-based LMS, there will ample opportunity for the participant to communicate with colleagues and the designer of the module in the form of threaded questions as well as feedback from assignment/project submissions.  Each participant will receive individual guidance and assistance to help ensure skills are acquired.  There are no ‘grades’ for completing the assignments or modules, however the designer must ‘approve’ final submissions to satisfy district professional development requirements.

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The summative assessment is comprised of the components in Part III of the lesson plans.  Participants will demonstrate their knowledge by creating a final product to post and share through the LMS portal.  Assignments and projects within the OneDrive module will be selected and revised for submission.  The project designer will work closely with each learner to facilitate growth during this creative stage.

For more specifics on assessment and to view the complete project document including references, please click here.


OneDrive overview readings:,2817,2409569,00.asp

OneDrive overview videos:

Document Sharing and Collaboration:




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